Friday, September 28, 2001

I was watching television the other night, and there was an ad on for heartworm pills for pets. Now normally, they could say anything they want and I'm not paying attention enough to hear warnings, but they started mumbling about causing heartrates, softer stools, and bleeding. It wasn't if they wanted you to hear it, but it was kinda like they were pushed into it. Then later, there was an ad for Rogaine, and I tried to hear what they were going to say. Um...pregnant woman should not handle these pills? What the hells in these things? Now, I've started paying a little more attention to some of the ads, and haven't needed any medication since, and don't feel like I will in the immediate future.
I can't wait to take my son to his first movie in a theatre.
I wanna be Jewish. They seem to get alot of holidays. Yesterday was Yom Kipper, last tuesday was Rosh Hashanah, and this tuesday is Sukkoth. Now, I don't know what these days mean, but Hell...who does. I could tell people that "I won't be in tommorrow, as its Sukkoth", and they wouldn't say a damn thing.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Buddy Lee and The Pillsbury Doughboy were walking past the local watering hole, and noticed their old friend Mr. Peanut sitting at the bar. Seems Mr. Peanut was all depressed from his recent split with Ronald McDonald. Yes, folks its true, they were splitting up. It seems that Roanld had developed a peanut allergy, and just couldn't stand to be around Mr. Peanut anymore. Mr. Peanut wasn't exactly making things easy for Ronald, with his constant complaining of Ronald stepping on Mr. Peanut's toes as well. Buddy Lee stayed to console his pal Mr. Peanut, but The Doughboy had to get rolling, as he was going to get Lucky.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Tell me what you think. Cheezy or cheese-free? Don't hold back.
Ding Dong, the bitch has gone. We are officially Nimda-free now. The "geeks" came last night and downloaded the proper anti-virus update on the server instead of the one that they told me to load 5, count em 5 times over 3 days. One downfall, they would like us to refrain from opening our eMails from all sources for one whole day. Now, this is no big whoop for me as I can go one day without opening them here although this little mail symbol in the corner is like putting a bowl of smarties in front of a 3yr old, but our salesgirl is losing it because of this. She is the same one who even though shes opened attachments with viruses before, still sends attachments to me through email, even though shes 10 feet away and could print off what she wants and hand it to me. I was hoping she'd work from home today, but shes sticking it out...what a trooper.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Well now, thats a bit better. I still can't seem to change the background or foreground colour, or allign the links, but I'll keep trying. We still have the Nimda virus on our main server, so I'm finding it hard to get some decent blogging time, and even though I've ran Norton Anti-virus on every computer here, and then put it on the server and ran it, and downloaded the "fix" four times, I can't get rid of the thing. Called our administrators and let them clean it up. Its frustrating as its like surfing with dialup service with 9 other people on the same line. Beeeppppboooooobeeeee...

Monday, September 24, 2001

WANTED: Someone with creativity to redesign this boring site. Even if you only know a little about code & HTML, don't be shy. Apply within. You can even be a guest blogger if you want. Hey, I'm reaching out here...

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Musings of the Morning:

-If this Osama bin Laden guy shaves and gets a haircut, will the US ever find him? Why do the media keep refering to the terrorist incident as war? Last time I checked, a war involved fighting between nations.
-On July 24th, we called and cancelled our cable. The final bill came and we paid it, and since then we have had no further bills although we still had cable. Sadly, yesterday they finally came and cut it off. Hell of a reponse time.
-If CART, which is an american association, run by americans, for americans hadn't run last Saturdays race at a time when practically every other sporting event across the globe was cancelled out of respect, would Alex Zanardi be walking today?
-How did ESPN get by with 24 hours a day television sports coverage, when there was no sports?

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Scan type: Manual Scan
Event: Virus Found!
Virus name: W95.Hybris.worm
File: C:\WINNT\system32\FHIJLIMJ
Location: Quarantine
Computer: COMPUTER8
User: guruvious, dum-dum.
Action taken: Clean failed : Quarantine succeeded :
Date found: Wed Sep 19 11:54:18 2001

oh joy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

I've ceased to come up with something entertaining, so...

Erotic Journal of Martha Stewart
Cadaver Removal
Magic Cam
Cooking By Numbers

Lucky get 4, count em, 4 links today. That last one is for you single guys.

Monday, September 17, 2001

It was 1:00pm on Sunday the holiest day. I was ready. I had a full glass of iced tea, a bag of Doritos, a bag of red Nib licorice and the second television hooked up beside the main television. It was at the exact moment that it hit me. I started to cry like a baby. I sat and let it all out from the week that we all just had. It felt good too.

Then I just watched something else instead of the usual NFL football.

Friday, September 14, 2001